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Consultancy Home Based Homeo Soap

At the moment all companies are marketing soaps which are poison for our health.

  • All the soaps are mixed with parabens SLS, SLIS and Tetra ethyl amine. They use dangerous fragrance colors which causes skin cancer.

  • The PH value of soaps is above 10.0. We have more than 40 soaps where Ph value in between 4.5 to 6. The PH value of skin also is same.

At the moment we have set up 3 Home based soap unit

1. K. B. Creations

2. Rekha Creations

3. Only Essential oils

where our designed soaps are made in homes.

  • We give formulations, raw materials at reasonable rate.

  • You can also market the soap.

  • We are also looking out for more franchise, because we will make our own cold press oil, distillation plant.

We make immediate payment of product or sometimes give advance also for buying equipment.

Our products will be of standard formulation. No harmful ingredients.

We also provide Training in soap making in cold process soap making.

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