Hair Regrowth Treatment at IHR

Updated: Sep 22

Hair Regrowth Treatment

When your hair starts shedding, it’s not just the scalp that starts showing

but along with the hair, the self-confidence of an individual goes away

too. Thinning hair with bald patches are alarming signs of hair losses.

Some causes of premature balding include hormonal imbalance, lifestyle


We have an effective and safe solution of hair regrowth by several

procedures without side effects. Poor blood circulation, stress, pollution,

medications, nutrition, illness, infection.

Our Process of Balding Treatment

  • First we register your case information of head photo graph, your food habits, stress level and psychological factor.

  • Then we introduce to the doctor who can cure you.

  • You can plan with doctors and choose treatment plan.

  • According to Doctor we give you one week medicines, if there is improvement you can continue, if not we change the medicine consulting doctor.

  • We will hold your hand and always give you right suggestion regarding subsequent steps to be taken.

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