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Self Healing Training Program For all Ailments

Helpful in Healing Yourself, Family Members & Patients.

The chakra can be interpreted as a ‘Vortex’. These chakras have particular rates of vibration. The active energy is distributed through the chakras as well as intricate network in the human body. This network comprises of Nadis which are channel that help the flow of energy from Chakras to Organs, Glands and Blood.

The Ailments are corrected by correcting energy balance.

Course Content

1. Placement of 11 Chakras

2. Glands: Thalamus, Hypothalamus, Adernal, Pituitary, Thymus, Thyroids, Goandas.

3. Colors in Healing Chakras, Psychological Ailments.

4. Various Ailments & relationship with Organs Glands

5. Ways to know over active or under active chakras.

6. Regulations of Harmons by manipulating chakras.

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