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Herbal Medicine


Baldness Treatment


The cause of Baldness: Incorrect function of glands and organs due to using cosmetics, food and toileting of questionable quality.


Expose to polluted atmosphere medication, stress, illness, chemo therapy.


First Step of treatments:

1. By Kirlian Photography we can assess functionality of organs and glands. Alternatively it can also be found by acupressure testing & your symptoms.

2. You can give choice to correct your metabolism by acupressure, massage, Homoeopathy and Ayurvedic system.

3. Once your systems are ok we will give you Roll on in Homeopathy, Ayurvedic and Aroma therapy. You can try once treatment at time.

4. Once it is identified which system is working you can use that continuously for longer time to regrow the hair.


Our Process of Balding Treatment

  • Ø Takes All Health Parameter.

  • Ø Reference to Doctor.

  • Ø Provide you test Dosage.

  • Ø After Successful Test Dose.

  • Ø Provides Treatment.

Acupuncture for Hair Growth

If stress, hormonal imbalance, illness or autoimmune diseases are the causes of your hair loss. Acupuncture stimulate the growth of hair.

The growth and health of the hair depends on the proper functioning of your adrenal glands. The blood supply to the hair follicles play a major role. Acupuncture can enhance the functions of your immune system and can make sure ample amount of blood circulation to scalp.

          By this treatment, the scalp undergoes rejuvenation, and with this, healthy growth takes place. It can also remove all sorts of toxins from your system and increase the blood flow to your face.

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