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Homeopathic system is Nano science and more scientific as Laws and Principles of Homeopathy are based on nature’s principles. All the medicines are proved on healthy human beings.
During the proving the reaction or response of the mind and body was observed and recorded systematically in the form of symptoms.
Homeo Medicines work at Energy Level and not material level as they are in Potentised or Dynamised state. They stimulate and strengthen vital force of the body which is responsible for proper functioning of body and mind and to eliminate the Negative Energy which is responsible for the sickness, there by restores total health.
According to Dr.Hering’s laws of Cure published in 1845, if correct Homeo medicine is given, cure takes place gently, quickly and permanently.
Common people can use Homeo medicines as home remedies for a day to day simple ailments by keeping few medicines in the house after attending 2 days Homeopathic Awareness Workshops conducted by us regularly.

We are distributor of reputed companies:
Similia,  Medisynth & St. George's.

Diseases of Skin, Hair and Nails

All skin diseases come from within. These should, therefore, be treated by internal medicine from within. The skin does not live an independent life of its own. The eruptions there on are merely manifestations of an internal derangement.
Thus the treatment of skin diseased by outer applications is a serious and dangerous professional error. The disappearance of the disease by outer application amounts to its suppression which might strike inward attacking some other organs of the body with grave consequences.

Management of Pharmacy

  • The company is headed by Mr. Narain Balchandani (Bsc.Engg) he has very wide relevant experience in this field.

  • He was a volunteer in Rai Bahadur Bishambar Charitable Trust New Delhi during the May and June month from 1964 to 1968.

  • 2018-2019 worked as volunteer in Homeopathic self reliance forum opp Scientist Hostel, Phase 2 DRDO Township, CV Raman Nagar, Bangalore – 560 093.

  • 2019 till today working with Dr. Shailendra Kumar Singh specializing in chronic diseases.

  • He has 10 years experience in Polymer Research Centre and good experience in essential oils and soap making with cold process. Provided training to several entrepreneurs for making specialized soap by cold process as cottage industry.

Dr. Shailendra Kumar Singh. BSc. D.H.M.S (Hons), Dip-yoga.

specializing in chronic diseases.

Dr.Swetha Singh


A Nutritionist and Dietician with a Phd in Herbal Medicine. She also has completed her Diploma in Sports Nutrition. She is also trained in Yoga. She is now practising in the United Arab Emirates and provides online consultation.

Dr. Ayushi Jain

B.H.M.S, P.G.N.A.H.I, M.P.H


Providing Treatment and cure in various chronic disease related to Diabetes, Hypertension, various Gynaecological disorders like Metorrhagia, Menorrhagia, PCOD etc, ad skin related disorders like warts, fungal infections, Eczema, Leucoderma, Psoriasis etc. and Thyroid disorders.


Mr. Sachin Kuttappan 


Sachin is a Reiki Grand Master specializes in Chakra Healing, Chakra Meditation. He is providing online consultation in Meditation and Chakra Healing.


Mrs. Kamal Balchandani

Practising Aromatherapist with wide experience of 10 years in Aroma therapy.



Mrs. Selvi


Mrs. Selvi is specialize in Kirlian Photography, Pranic Healing, Basic Acupressure, preparing Cold process Soap & Essential Oil.